increase conversions, sales and traffic

by adding a branded call-to-action and retargeting pixels to every link you share

What is is a URL shortener that also allows you to add a fully customisable branded call-to-action and/or retargeting pixels to any web page you want to share. is three powerful tools within one platform

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More Leads, Clicks and Sales with 100% Viral Free Traffic

by adding a branded call-to-action to every link you share

Join other marketers and drive conversions through
content curation

Leverage other high converting content to promote and drive traffic to any product or service of your choice such as your latest blog post, sales page or affiliate offer.

Zubbit lets you add a fully branded call-to-action to every link you share. So instead of just sharing great content you can now add your call-to-action to those sites and share a shortened zubbit link instead. This link still takes the viewer to the content but they will now see the content PLUS your call-to-action. If they then share that content with their followers your call-to-action goes with it!

You can create multiple call-to-actions, all with your own image, message, and brand colours. You can have text, video, audio and image call-to-actions!

with you can maximise the return on every link you share

What types of call-to-actions do we support? supports MORE call-to-action types than any other platform, allowing you to use text, images, video and audio to make your message truly unique and compelling.


You can create text call-to-actions using our classic, ribbon and chat styles and they can be fully customised to your requirements. You can also add text call-to-actions to our video, audio and image formats also.


Along with our new media video and audio styles we also support images. So you can now upload image call-to-actions in any size to add a real wow factor to your call-to-actions.

Media: Video

Our media video style lets you add videos to your call-to-action. We support videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion and we support all video ratios from Vertical (9:16), to Widescreen (16:9), Standard (4:3), Square (1:1) and also 4:3, 3:2 and 21:9 ratios. So the lot!

Media: Audio

Our new audio media style now lets you embed audio onto any link you share on any page. We currently support embedded video from SoundCloud and will be adding more. Audio image from SoundCloud can display in any format you want following our video ratios and some fixed sizes.

Click on these cool Call-to-Action link examples

Branded Text Call-to-Action Link Example

Image Call-to-Action Link Example


Portrait Video Call-to-Action Link Example

Audio Call-to-Action Link Example


How does it work?

It just takes three easy steps to add a branded call-to-action to every link you share:

Customised to fit your brand

You can create multiple call-to-actions, all with your own image, message, colours and branding. is the most customisable tool of its kind on the market today!

Our call-to-action theme tool is the most customisable tool of its kind on the market today!

With our unique and powerful tool you can control every element of how your call-to-action will appear on the screen from colours, fonts, spacing, borders, shadow effects. comes pre-loaded with a whole load of cool ready-made call-to-action themes collections and more are being added all the time.

We allow you to copy any of these themes to make even better themes which fit your brand and your own requirements.

There is no limit on how many different themes you can create, you just need to be creative, experiment with different colours, change the font and size and maybe add in some shadow, the combinations are endless on the call-to-actions you can create using our one of a kind themes tool.

these are just some of the ready made themes that come with

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Create Custom Audiences for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Adwords and More

by Retargeting anyone who clicks on the links you share

Turn every link you share into a laser targeted ad!

Imagine being able to retarget anyone who clicks on your zubbit links.

Using retargeting pixels on each of your shared zubbit links you are able to create custom audiences on a number of different social media networks and/or retargeting ad platforms.

From these custom audiences you will then be able to run retargeting adverts back to those who clicked on your original zubbit link.

It might all sound a bit techie but don't worry it's really easy with no coding required and in just a few steps you can be building powerful retargeting audiences within minutes.

How does it work?

Retargeting anyone in three easy steps:

How can I use it?

There are lots of ways you can use to do retargeting but here are some of the most common to get you thinking!

Email retargeting

Using you can make every link you use for your email marketing contain a retargeting pixel. So anyone that shows interest and clicks on your link can be retargeted with custom adverts later.

Content retargeting

Whether it's Medium, Tumblr, Quora, Wordpress or where ever you publish content you can use zubbit links to build custom audiences so you can maximise your content where ever it is.

Social media retargeting

Use zubbit links on all your Social Media networks to make sure you get extra ROI on every click you get. Zubbit links work on all social media networks.

Influencer retargeting

In the past your marketing with social influence's was a one-off and done. But by giving them a zubbit link you can now continue to retarget to their audience long after the initial promotion ends.

Unlike other platforms works with virtually every ads platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Google AdWords, AdRoll, Critrol, ReTargeter, Perfect Audience, SiteScout, Exact Drive, Centro, Choozle and lots more....

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Using Software like Hootsuite or Buffer you can be Running on Auto-Pilot 24/7

with our built in RSS functionality

Create and publish zubbit links on auto-pilot 24-7

Using automated built in RSS technology! has built in RSS (which stands for Rich Site Summary) technology that lets you plugin one or more RSS Feeds which are read and for each post within the feed will create a zubbit link which points to the URL of that post.

RSS Feeds are a standardized way for a website to publish what content it has on its website and are used by mostly all content publishing websites.

To achieve automation you simply hook up your new zubbit RSS Feed link into auto-posting software like Hootsuite or Buffer which allows you to create automated channels of content posting 24-7 either with call-to-actions on and/or just retargeting pixels.

How does it work?

RSS and automation in three easy steps:

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Growth Hacking with Zubbit

Join the growing trend of businesses using growth hacking techniques for businesses

Who uses

Anyone who wants to Growth Hacks their business and increase conversions, sales and traffic should be using

Check out some of our Growth Hacking zubbit tips!

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So increase your conversions, sales and traffic with

by adding a branded call-to-action and retargeting pixels to every link you share