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zubbit.io offers multiple ways to make the most out of your Links

Link Shortening

Let's face it URL Links are getting longer and longer, with Zubbit you can take a long and ugly URL Link, and then make it into something short and cute. Simple!

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Custom URL/Slugs

Not only is Zubbit a powerful Link Shortener, but it also gives you the ability to brand your links as you wish, and one of the great ways is letting you create a Custom Slug.

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100% Changeable

Nearly everything on Zubbit is changeable even after you've shared a link. If you share a link with the wrong destination URL? No problem, Zubbit lets you change it.

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Custom Domains

Zubbit lets you not only shorten links and create your own slugs but also lets you connect your own Custom Domain so your links can be fully branded to your name.

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Zubbit lets you add Retargeting Pixels to every link you share allowing you to build custom audiences you can advertise to over and over.

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Link Swapping

Do you want to swap your link destination URLs or swap in temporary offer destinations to your live links? No problem, Zubbit has it sorted!

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