Create Branded Links for Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

and Improve click-through rates by up to 40%

How can we help? offers multiple ways to make the most of your links in your SMS Messages

Link Shortening

Long and ugly URL Links simply don't work in SMS messages and when you want to add UTM parameters on to your URL too, it just gets worse! Zubbit lets you hide all that in a simple URL link!

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Custom URL/Slugs

Not only is Zubbit a powerful Link Shortener, but it also gives you the ability to brand your SMS Links by letting you create a custom slug for your link which is more likely to be trusted and clicked.

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Editable URLs

Sent out thousands of SMS Messages with the wrong destination URL? This is not a problem with Zubbit as you can edit the destination URL even after your SMS Campaign is live.

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Custom Domains

One of the other great ways to improve and instill trust in your links and improve click-through rates in SMS Campaigns is using custom domain names so your links can be fully branded to your name.

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Zubbit lets you add retargeting pixels to every link you share in your SMS Messages allowing you to build custom audiences you can advertise to over and over. So you never waste another click!

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Improve click-through rates by up to 40%

With branded links you can get all the benefits of shortening a link, without losing any of your brand's power.

Businesses that share custom links see up to a 40% boost in click-through rates as branded links are more trusted over generic short links.

Also, edit the end of your URLs (the slug) to maximize your conversion rate vs using a generic random character slug!